In 2017, Les Journées de la Céramique will celebrate them 20 years on the Place Saint Sulpice. An extraordinary edition in perspective with banquets, book, young invited 20 year old ceramists…

Each year the Paris Potier group give a great deal of thought on the subject of this art issued from the origin of humanity. The Association treat a theme such as figurative sculpture, ceramic jewellery, writing on ceramics, or the vase.

In order to share their wild passion for this world the group go in search of others, of memoirs, documents, attempt to understand what is so touching and necessary personally in ceramics. Then they imagine how to share these emotions with the public.

The form is not fixed in advance, as Paris Potier always hope to surprise, with the exhibitions, side shows or interventions. The ideais to sharpen the visiters’ perception, call on their curiosity to discover the unexpected. Thanks to the know-how and acuity of Gil Mas and Dominique Paris of Essentiels et Accessoires, our scenographers, everything falls into place. They know how to bringour ideas to life.