Café Céramique


A must at the Journées de la Céramique.

In an agreeable setting, among the hundreds of cups and bowls the visiters are invited to make their choice before ordering tea or coffee.
This is a collective action to favourise the contact in vivo between the visiters and the works of the guest ceramists.

At the Café Ceramique the public enjoy a privileged moment with a day-to-day object, the pleasure to hold in their hand a unique object and admire the craftmanship, far from the contact of an industrial object.

It is to enable the public to come in direct contact with the exceptional diversity of ceramics, that Paris Potier created the Café Céramique in 2006, a veritable animated exhibition. It’s success, the support of Ateliers d’Art de France, and the pleasure have lead the association to continue the expérience every year.

It became obvious that the quality of drinks offered by the Café Ceramique should match the quality of the craftmanship presented.

With Lomi, a french torrefactor, the café is organic and fair trade with a variety of rich flavours. Since 2015, our partners Les Jardins de Gaïa, producers and specialists in quality organic and fair trade teas have joined the Café de la Céramique.

Paris Potier would like to thank Lomi and Les Jardins de Gaïa together with a great group of benevolent helpers who make this adventure possible.